Summer vacation, Day 70 – Nyári vakáció, 70. nap

This morning, we woke up to the sound of rain. How refreshing! But during the day some things went wrong.

While Steve was visiting with some friends from his work (almost all of them retired by now), I tried to do as much housework as I could. That included doing the laundry. To my great disappointment, our washer broke. Much of the laundry I needed to finish rinsing and spinning by hand – I felt like those washing ladies of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Fortunately, the dryer is still working. The good thing is that Steve is already retired, so he can deal with this issue – in fact, he already secured a repairman for next week. No laundry until then!

Because my school year starts in three days, I started collecting the items I will need (binders, notebooks, etc.) The planning still needs to wait for two more days.

Two more days! What fun can we fit into these days? Do you want to give me some ideas?

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  1. If you need to get some laundry done, just bring it on over😁

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