Month: January 2015


Hungarian beef or pork “pörkölt” – Marha- vagy sertéspörkölt

Recently I realized that if I want to stay true to my promise, I need to collect those Hungarian recipes that characterize my everyday cooking and culinary heritage.  Let’s start with a meat paprika stew called pörkölt.  In my family, we don’t eat too much meat, but when I choose to cook meat, I often go with this, because it’s simple, delicious, and very easy to make.


Walnut squares – Diós kocka

These wonderful walnut cookies – a tray bake, so it’s incredibly easy to make – were in the box of goodies for two family parties during this past holiday season.  They were well loved.  The combination of chocolate and walnuts, together with the tanginess of the apricot jam, makes them irresistible. Try to bake them, you might agree with me.


Sweet buttermilk scones – Írós édes pogácsa

Picture yourself in your kitchen wanting to treat your family (or just yourself) to a delicious breakfast, but not wanting to spend too much time there.  Yes, the idea for what to make, is in the title: make scones, make these scones.  The ingredients are basic, you probably have them at home; the technique is basic, so it’s suitable even for a beginner baker.  Serve them with butter and your favorite jam, and add a little whipped cream if they will be treats for an afternoon tea with your friends.