Month: April 2015

Plant, Travel

Tulip festival – Tulipánfesztivál

Tulip Festival!  What a concept!  Americans like to call a variety of events a festival.  For example, they plant fields and fields of tulips for getting tulip bulbs for the following year’s season, and they invite the public to view the magnificent fields of colorful flowers – this is called a festival.


Liptauer: sheep cheese spread – Liptói juhtúrós körözött

Liptauer is a unique, piquant cheese spread made with paprika and caraway.  It originates from Central-Europe, more precisely from the region known until 1918 as the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  In these days, in Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Northern-Italy, or Serbia – just to name a few geographic locations – there are many variations of this spread, but no authentic recipe leaves out the sheep cheese known as bryndza.