Month: November 2015


I did it – Megcsináltam

Yes, I completed it!  I finished my very first National Blog Post Month challenge, the NaBloPoMo.  I made it through thirty straight days of blogging successfully.  I showed up every day with a new post, just like I promised at the beginning.  It was definitely a good exercise for me.  Like daily homework for my students.  Even more.


A simple truth – Egy egyszerű igazság

Just a brief reminder that – whether we realize it or not – mathematics is everywhere in our lives. “We all use math every day; to predict weather, to tell time, to handle money.  Math is more than formulas or equations; it’s logic, it’s rationality; it’s using your mind to solve the biggest mysteries we know.”


Cauliflower & parmesan soup – Parmezánsajtos karfiolleves

I read in a cookbook recently, that when having guests for dinner – especially if it’s a big party – we should serve soup as the first course.  We could make it a day or two earlier and this would cut back on the work on the day of the gathering.  In another book the author stated that we shouldn’t be serving soup because that would definitely add to the number of dishes we will need to clean.  Whatever it is that you prefer, cooking and eating soup is always a good idea – especially now that the weather is […]


Bird by bird – Madaranként

Two-thirds of the challenge I signed up for has been completed! In the midst of all I had to do and chose to do the last twenty days, there were times when I got to thinking – even just for a moment – about many things.  What do I want to do in my days?  What are my priorities?  What personal relationships do I want to work on?  How much time I want to devote to different activities, including writing of this blog?


Baked rice pudding – Rizskók

I’ve been using this recipe for a baked rice pudding for many years.  When my friend Zsuzsa offered for me to taste the pudding for the first time, I knew I had found one of my favorite recipes, and since that time I’ve never used a different recipe.