Month: November 2015


Pistachio cake with cocoa – Pisztáciás kakaótorta

What do you do if you suddenly crave something sweet?  Try to find something sweet in your pantry?  Run to a store to buy something?  Start baking?  Maybe cookies or even a cake?  Yes, a cake!  The type that doesn’t require any filling.  Then you can justify your baking as preparing snacks or the next day’s breakfast.  Yes, seriously.  We don’t even need a special occasion to bake a cake.  If the ingredients are available, we are ready to start.


Personal challenge – Személyes kihívás

Before I started my blog, like any good intellectual, I did in depth research.  I wanted to know everything about blogs.  I checked out many of them in different categories and my feelings were mixed.  Sometimes I thought I could also do it, at some other times I felt it wasn’t for me – blogging was the game of the younger generation.