Month: December 2013


Roasted parsnips – Sült paszternák

One of the quite often neglected root vegetables are white parsnips.  A lot of people don’t know them or don’t use them in their cooking.  For me, they are as essential as carrots – they are closely related to carrots and parsley roots – especially for vegetable or meat soups.


Quick quinoa salad – Gyors quinoa saláta

Quinoa is one of those whole grains with high protein content that cooks very quickly.  It’s actually a seed and has a nutty taste; its origins are in South America.  To make a tasty quinoa salad is just a matter of 25-30 minutes.  There are endless variations to this salad depending on what you like or what is available in your refrigerator.


Cheese and apple puffs – Sajtos almás párna

From the moment I discovered Nigel Slater’s cookbooks, his TV-show on BBC, and his recipes in The Guardian, I was hooked.  I like his writing a lot.  I like his style of talking about food, but most importantly, the simplicity of his recipes.  I started creating and re-creating what I read, and what I watched online.