Summer vacation, Day 66 – Nyári vakáció, 66. nap

One of those days of a summer vacation when you realize that you don’t have many days left from it – ­ exactly one week!

Steve met with an old friend from his work around lunchtime, and I got stuck decluttering my school e-mails for a few hours. I got a good laugh from some ridiculous old e-mails – why was I keeping them so long? – just to get a laugh one day. So, now they are in the trash.

Then I realized that I needed some exercise, so I did some garden work, mainly pruning the hydrangeas (I happened to read about hydrangeas in the book that I’m currently reading (Seed to Dust: Life, Nature, and a Country Garden by Marc Hamer) – so the inspiration partly came from there and the bush was simply too big.

Dinnertime came faster than I wanted – I guess, this was a short day. I prepared one of my favorite simple summer dishes: “Tomatoes, mozzarella, basil” from our homegrown tomatoes. So delicious! 😊


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