Summer vacation, Day 11 – Nyári vakáció, 11. nap

Happy summer solstice, everyone! On this first official day of summer, on our home front, the good and bad continued.

Good that the weather was finally beautiful, and we are getting closer for our departure for our European trip.

Good that I finished preparing the room for our house sitter.

Good that the garage door expert fixed our garage door, and as a bonus he even performed maintenance on the door itself (he found 5 broken screws – oops!).

Bad news that rebuilding the deck won’t continue until we are back from Europe. They couldn’t work today and won’t be able to work tomorrow either because the builder didn’t get the trax. It’s not easy to focus on the positives knowing that the project started more than a month ago!

However, let’s remember some fun from Easter Island from 2005.

and some fun from the Galápagos island of Santa Cruz from 2009.


  1. Safe travels! I’m enjoying your blog, and I hope you have a relaxing summer!

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