Colonial style accommodation – Gyarmati stílusú szálláshely

A peaceful and relaxing place on a coffee plantation accommodated us for two nights in Tanzania.  Just a short drive from the spectacular Ngorongoro Crater.

Built in colonial style, the charming Ngorongoro Farm House with its thatched rooftops and rustic decorations gave us a feeling of old days gone by.

Our little bungalow had a private veranda, a spacious but a bit chilly room.  It was the end of the second day, when we solved the mystery: there was an open screen above the door.  Probably very nice for hot summers, but a bit uncomfortable in Africa’s winter.  Thanks to the hot water bottle in the bed, we didn’t freeze.

Manicured lawns, banana and coffee plants, vegetable and cut flowers garden, fresh farm food – overall, a nice place and quite a difference after tented camps.

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  1. Thanks for all the pictures and commentary. Nice of you to share this wonderful adventure. We love reading about where you are and seeing all the beautiful landscapes and wildlife. Best, Cathy and Jamie

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