Happy birthday, Dávid! – Boldog születésnapot, Dávid!

It’s a special day today! Our son just turned 40.

Where did the time fly?

From the early days when you were just a little boy, you were smart and funny, intelligent beyond your years.

You adjusted to our new life in America with Steve with ease.

Your early interest in computers and your academic gifts allowed for you to receive a good education and find a great job as an engineer.

Meeting and marrying your wife, Jolene, meant that you built a strong family foundation for your everyday life. You found your home in the world!

Earlier, I shared some of my favorite quotes with you, including a poem entitled To be great, be whole from the Portuguese poet, Fernando Pessoa.

“To be great, be whole; exclude
Nothing, exaggerate nothing that is you.
Be whole in everything. Put all you are
Into the smallest thing you do.
The whole moon gleams in every pool,
It rides so high.”

Yes, whether it’s your career, sharing your life and the household duties with your wife (yes, you even learned to love Bernese Mountain dogs!), or your sport writings on your blog (you are an excellent writer!), you always do it so well.

I fondly remember every moment of your life as a child, and I’m thankful for every moment that you can spend with me/with us as an adult. The memories of our trips, our skiing together, and your visits to see us brighten my day every day.

Thank you for being a loving son! I’m the proudest mother out there! We’re the proudest parents out there!

We hope you are having the best birthday ever. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dávid!
We love you!

With lots of love,
Anya and Steve


  1. Boldog születésnapot,Dávid!! 🍰

  2. Huyen Huynh

    What a wonderful birthday wish Márta! Happy birthday to Dávid!

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