Madagascar raffia baskets – Madagaszkári raffia kosarak

Beautiful handcrafted baskets, bags, and hats in a small market in Maroantsetra.  The marketplace sells many household goods and fruits and vegetables, but it’s known for the raffia hats and bags.


The raffia bags are very practical, lightweight and durable, and they don’t even get dirty.  I would have wanted to buy many of them – one nicer than the other – but I knew I would’ve had a hard time getting them home (we had only small carry-ons).

But on this 8th day of our Madagascar adventure, I truly delighted in the talent and skills of the local people.  In the end, I bought one beautiful circular woven tray, and Ginette, the owner of our hotel, surprised me with a raffia bag.  I got them both home safely!

I hope you enjoy the beauty of these Malagasy handmade items.


  1. Márta, which photo is your circular woven tray and raffia bag?

  2. Hi Marta, do you have the contact of the person who sells baskets and bags in the small market in Maroantsetra? I would like to contact them, kind regards

    • Hi Rosina,
      Unfortunately, I don’t know the contact of the person who sells baskets in Maroantsetra. We stayed in a guest house called l’Hippocampe by Maroantsetra. The owner (Ginette) took us to the local market – she might know the name of people who sell baskets there. Her email address is
      I hope this helps. Let me know whether you could find out more. Thank you.

  3. IAm Rose from kenya was also intrested in the person making the bags.Thank you for the information.

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