Summer vacation, Day 58 – Nyári vakáció, 58. nap

A beautiful day for a walk in one of the wooded areas of Seattle and in one of the many parks, plus great food, and gorgeous weather.

Today’s walk to Llandover Woods was partly inspired by one of our friend’s, Dave’s, post on his Walkeveryblock Seatte Facebook page, where he documents his walks. His goal is to walk every block in Seattle in about four years. He started in July of 2020. The other inspiration for our walk came from my husband, Steve, who’s parents owned a property there in the 1950s, and he wanted to show me where that property was.

We started around 10 am (to beat the day’s high temperatures), drove to Northwest Seattle, and then walked through the beautiful, shaded, forest like area. It’s amazing that we can have these open spaces within the city limits!

At the start of our walk, we saw an interesting Little Free Library (there was also a Little Free Pantry) by one of the houses, and cool signs in the fancy residential area.

Then there was the view of Puget Sound! But no access to the beach because of the private properties there.

We walked back on the trail to our car and drove to nearby Carkeek Park, which was busy with many different activities: People sitting and walking on the beach, children running to see the long train passing by, families picnicking on the lawn, people walking on the many trails, and ducks and geese in salt water feeding on algae and eel grass.

Then home for a late lunch, for reading the Sunday paper, and for relaxation. I love these kinds of days, when we can dine and relax in our courtyard, and when our neighbors peek in through the entrance gate and say how much they like its peacefulness. So do we.

Speaking about neighbors: after lunch, Steve happened to talk with one who was harvesting her plums, and later she surprised us with a bag of juicy fruit, just simply putting it on our doormat.

We love to live in this neighborhood in this beautiful city!

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