Summer vacation, Day 4 – Nyári vakáció, 4. nap

Have you ever experienced some frustration over a house project? I bet you did. But let me tell you what we are going through.

The renovation of our deck, which is above the garage, started 25 days ago. They removed the cover layer and exposed the wood. Then the rain came, water got into the garage, and the deck had to be covered with a heavy tarp. The posts looked like the dementors from Harry Potter. Today, after 21 days, we can see our deck uncovered again. The fixing starts tomorrow!!!

Other than this exciting news, not too much happened. A real slow and relaxing day with more writing and reading. Yes, I finished Raynor Winn’s The Wild Silence today.

Even though the weather is not inviting for sitting in the garden, the greenery is truly enjoyable.

Made some home cooked applesauce. Stay tuned for the recipe soon.

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