I miss you all already! – Már hiányoztok!

You all graduated from high school this Friday, only two days ago!  I miss you already!  Seventy of you – all seniors – whom I taught this school year in my two AP Calculus AB and two Calculus classes.  (In addition, those of you who were also in my AP Calculus and Precalculus classes as juniors last year.)

You are amazing, adventurous, articulate, brilliant, caring, clever, compassionate, confident, cooperative, courageous, creative, curious, dedicated, dependable, diligent, enthusiastic, empathetic, expressive, focused, friendly, funny, genuine, good-hearted, good-natured, hard-working, hilarious, humble, imaginative, independent, inspiring, intelligent, inquisitive, joyful, kind, motivated, nice, open-minded, outgoing, passionate, patient, polite, pretty, persistent, reliable, respectful, smart, spirited, supportive, strong, successful, talented, thoughtful, trustworthy, and wise.

I watched with pride as you walked through the stage of Benaroya Hall receiving your high school diploma.  I loved teaching you and witnessing your growth as mathematicians and people.

Thank you all for the terrific year!  I will treasure my wonderful experiences with all of you: Aaron C, Abby M, Abigail H, Abigail P, Alex A-T, Alex B, Alex Bl, Alexis W, Allison K, Anna H, Annette I, Betsy R, Carolina C, Charlie R, Chloe M, Chloe S, Cory T, Danny B, Diana K, Dylon A, Ella H, Emily B, Emma C, Emma J, Ethan A, Gerry A, Grace J, Grace P, Grace S, Hattie K, Helen S, Isabella Y, Jack H, Jackson D, Jacob L, James A, Jillian B, Joseph S, Kate S, Katie S, Kayla B, Laurel G, Lauren B, Leila N, Liam M, Lily T, Lilly T, Lucas C, Lulu D, Luke J, Mackenzie F, Maria P, Mark M, Matt L, Matt P, Mia G, Max M, Miguel S-S, Mirabelle S, Noah O-J, Noah P, Owen H, Paul P, Robert G, Quinn L, Sam R, Sici M, Tennyson H, Thomas B, and Will D.

Good luck to you all!  Hoping to see your future accomplishments and successes!

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