55 things you can do for yourself – 55 jó tanács

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about how to make the most out of my days.  Realizing that everything we go through in our lives lead us to the priceless moments of living, we should  focus on not missing them.  And we shouldn’t make our lives complicated.

If we feel like things don’t come together for us immediately, they eventually will.  If we struggle, it takes us forward.  There is always something for which we can be thankful.  When the world takes away something from us, what counts is, what we do with what’s left.  Trust your intuition and take chances.  Life is a journey.

The result of my thinking is this list of fifty five things I am trying to do for myself.   You can do it too.  And why exactly this number?  Because my sister just turned fifty five a few days ago and I wanted to share my list with her on her birthday.  I thought it could make a special present. Happy Birthday to my sister!

1.    Think positive
2.    Listen to your inner voice
3.     Figure out what you really want
4.     Do what truly matters
5.     Accept life’s changes
6.     Accept things when they are less than perfect
7.     Be honest with yourself about everything
8.     Be patient
9.     Practice kindness
10.   Give thanks
11.   Count your blessings
12.   Love generously
13.   Say: I’m sorry
14.   Be open about how you feel
15.   Trust people
16.   Speak the truth
17.   Forgive yourself and others
18.   Help those around you
19.   Let others help you
20.   Spend time with the right people
21.   Actively nurture your important relationships
22.   Mind your own business
23.   Don’t take things personally
24.   Don’t take everything too seriously
25.   Be attentive to your stress level
26.   Don’t worry
27.   Don’t feel sorry for yourself
28.   Live in the present
29.   Let go of the past
30.   Focus on things you can change
31.   Believe in positive outcomes
32.   Keep things in perspective
33.   Have a good attitude towards life
34.   Notice the beauty in small moments
35.   Live simply
36.   Eliminate the non-essentials
37.   Enjoy the things you have
38.   Plan for things that need to be done
39.   Do the most important things first
40.   Work diligently
41.   Focus on being productive, not being busy
42.   Don’t multitask
43.   Repair your habits
44.   Create a daily routine
45.   Eat healthy and well
46.   Improve your health
47.   Slow down
48.   Exercise, go for a walk
49.   Get plenty of sleep
50.   Be present
51.   Smile
52.   Choose happiness
53.   Keep learning
54.   Travel
55.   Enjoy life

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