Summer vacation, Day 17 – Nyári vakáció, 17. nap

Today, it was very hot here, 95 ºF (35 ºC). Too hot to be outside, but perfect for an afternoon nap inside. Four-hour long for Steve, an hour for me.

Now, most of the issue for Steve is sore throat with an occasional cough, and he has low energy. After sleeping through almost the whole night, in the morning he felt quite good. He is tired from lying in bed, so he decided to spend a lot of time on the balcony, reading, and by the desk, writing down the Victorian story that he dreamt about. That explains the long nap and partly the low energy. He is on the road of recovery, but just not there yet.

My energies went into cooking, which was quite trying in this heat, but because soup is good for Steve, I persevered by the stove and cooked a great chicken soup.

Coming back from the grocery store (again, we needed apple juice, which doesn’t bother his throat) one of our neighbors, Anikó, saw me, and a few minutes later she surprised me with lots of zucchinis from her garden. I immediately knew what we will have for dinner.

And dinner was a pleasant affair on the balcony.

It seems like my days are about taking care of my husband, which I am very happy to do. Off to some evening reading now.

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