Today together: May 16 – Együtt ma: Május 16


Visited Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, and Castle Devín.
Ellátogattunk Pozsonyba és a dévényi várromhoz.


Carpet of maple tree seeds in front of our house.
A juharfa magok szőnyegként borítják a járdát a házunk előtt.


A friend is helping to lower the kitchen stools.
Steve jóbarátja segít a két magas konyhai szék lábát leröviditeni.

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  1. Geza Jans

    Hi Marta !
    Today is an important day for me. From my house in front of the Bosphorus in Istanbul I’ve discovered on your blog the Pozsonyi Kifli recipe that I was searching for years and years. My Hungarian mother was doing these for me and my sisters 70 years ago !!! I never forgot the taste of these kifli ….
    Thanks to a Hungarian Instagram group, I found the name of this delight. And then, I found your nice blog !
    As soon as possible I will follow your recipe and I will let you know. I am very excited !

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