Malagasy market – Malgas piac

After exploring the Berenty Reserve on the southernmost tip of the island, we were on the road again.  It was the fourth day of our stay on Madagascar, and we were driving back to Fort Dauphin.  We began to notice more and more people walking on the road.

We learned from our guide that it was market day, the big rural market, for which people gather from throughout the region.  They walk or bike for hours carrying the goods they hope to sell.  After passing many hundreds of people, we reached the market and were amazed by the colors, the merchandise, the people, and the excitement.  I wish we would’ve had the time to explore it on foot, but our schedule didn’t allow – we needed to be back in Fort Dauphin before noon.  Enjoy the selection of photos.


  1. Meredith Savage

    Wonderful photos. You managed to capture the moment.

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