Antananarivo street scenes – Antananarivo utcáin

There is chaos, there are merchants everywhere.  The streets are open-air markets, offering anything from clothes, shoes, hats and bags, furniture, fruits, vegetables, and meat, sacks of grains and sacks of charcoal for cooking.  Who is buying all this stuff?  Everyone is selling something.

Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, is full of life and seems a bit crazy.  People walk everywhere and sit in the dirt.  They go to the water station for water, fix their motorcycles by the street, push and pull their carts transporting loads stuff, wash their laundry in the river and dry it on the grass or hang it from a clothes line in front of their windows.  Kids play by garbage piles and people sell food under questionable conditions.  For days, I had a challenging time taking in everything I saw.  Take a look at some of what my husband and I experienced.


  1. Meredith Savage

    I really enjoyed these photos, Marta! Thank you!

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