Amboseli moments again – Ismét az Amboseli parkról

What an incredible feeling to see the snowcapped Mount Kilimanjaro!

Day 5: Amboseli National Park

We were very lucky to see Africa’s highest mountain in the morning before the clouds came back.  Even though it is in Tanzania, the best views are from Kenya.

Our luck continued today because we saw wildebeests, buffalo, zebras, and the elephant family from the previous day.

The marshes held many surprises: many species of flowers and birds, among them the yellow-billed stork and lesser flamingos.

A unique feature of the Park are the many little dust storms.

After our box lunch on the top of observation hill – from which Mount Kilimanjaro could no longer be seen – we visited the Elephant Research Centre, located within the Park.  As we enjoyed some African tea, we learned among other things that the baby elephants we saw were twins.  They were the first born in Amboseli in 38 years.

As this day ended, we said goodbye to our Maasai giraffe friends, the other wildlife, and the beautiful, acacia dominated savannah.

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  1. Great photo of the zebras! The twin elephants are too cute!

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