Author: Márta


Blueberry and mascarpone tart – Mascarponekrémes áfonyás pite

A few years ago on a flight to Europe while reading a magazine – no memory what kind – I discovered a few recipes from the Australian cook Donna Hay.  I am not a magazine fan at all, but upon my return to the USA I went on a quest to find her cooking magazine.  Until a year ago, I diligently bought the issues always one-two months behind the current ones, and sometimes I couldn’t even find them in the various bookstores or magazine stands in Seattle.


Hungarian crêpes – Palacsinta

One day, when I was in seventh grade, probably on a Saturday or during the summer, my parents and my sister went to work in our vineyards.  I stayed at home alone.  By the time they came home I had made crêpes.  Never before and not for a long time after did I make anything by myself in the kitchen.  Both my sister and I occasionally helped, but the kitchen was my mother’s territory.  On that day when they came home, my mother looked at me and said “You will be fine”, meaning I will be all right in the […]


Hamburger buns – Hamburger zsemle

I’ve been baking a lot in my life, even with yeast, but savory breads and their like were not very often a part of my repertoire.  In my quest to replace the commercial, store bought, you can squeeze it into a flat paper-like substance by the time you are done with eating your burger type of bun, I searched and found a doable recipe for homemade hamburger buns.  I adapted the recipe from Making Fresh Bread, a cookbook of the brand “Love Food” of the British publisher Parragon which promises to “create bread in your home with perfect results”.


Pumpkin muffins – Sütőtökös muffinok

In many countries throughout the world, November 1st is observed as All Saint’s Day.  I grew up with this tradition in what was then Czechoslovakia.  After I moved to America, I learned that here and in some other parts of the world, it is October 31st, Halloween that is celebrated with its interesting activities like kids trick-or-treating or adults attending costume parties.  And there is pumpkin carving, and contests in pumpkin carving, and decorating with pumpkins around houses.


Unexpectedly in New York – Váratlanul New York-ban

Don’t you like it when something good comes from something bad? When I learned that to renew my almost expired Slovak passport I needed to submit my application in person in New York, I couldn’t believe this was happening to me.  My first reaction was “Oh, no, I don’t need a trip now, my life is already too busy with work, and the timing is simply not good!”