Author: Márta


Yeast-raised waffles – Élesztős gofri

In the last two months at work, two of my colleagues surprised me with two different issues of this year’s SAVEUR magazine.  Kathy thought I would enjoy the article on Hungarian cooking in the October 2013 issue – yes, I did very much – and Peter, while giving me a bunch of architectural and gardening magazines, maybe threw into the mix the January/February issue just for variety.


Hungarian apple tart – Almás pite

The Hungarian word pite is not easy to translate into English.  My dictionary says: pite – fruit-flan, pie, tart, and for almás pite – apple tart/turnover.  Other sources call it apple cake.  The name doesn’t really matter – the two flaky buttery crusts, bottom and top, filled with cinnamon flavored apples make one of the classic Hungarian pastry staples.


Hungarian sponge cake with fruit – Gyümölcsös vajas piskóta

The sweet smell of fruit and butter lingers in the air long after this cake has been removed from the oven.  Many times over the years I baked it when I wanted something easy and delicious.  This cake is a perfect companion to tea.  Thanks to my sister for the recipe.  In my old-fashioned, hand-written Hungarian recipe book, it’s the first entry.  Only six lines – ingredients and instructions together.