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Thought on being whole – Légy teljes

To be great, be whole To be great, be whole; exclude Nothing, exaggerate nothing that is you. Be whole in everything.  Put all you are Into the smallest thing you do. The whole moon gleams in every pool, It rides so high. —  Fernando Pessoa


Hungarian apple tart – Almás pite

The Hungarian word pite is not easy to translate into English. My dictionary says: pite – fruit-flan, pie, tart, and for almás pite – apple tart/turnover. Other sources call it apple cake. The name doesn’t really matter – the two flaky buttery crusts, bottom and top, filled with cinnamon flavored apples make one of the classic Hungarian pastry staples.


Hungarian walnut bars – Dióhabos sütemény

My family always had a large walnut tree. That meant picking fresh walnuts in the fall and drying them in boxes for lots of baking throughout the year. In these days, here in Seattle, we don’t have a tree, so I buy the walnuts, usually shelled. I love them and bake often with them.


Hungarian sponge cake with fruit – Gyümölcsös vajas piskóta

The sweet smell of fruit and butter lingers in the air long after this cake has been removed from the oven. Many times over the years I baked it when I wanted something easy and delicious. This cake is a perfect companion to tea. Thanks to my sister for the recipe. In my old-fashioned, hand-written Hungarian recipe book, it’s the first entry. Only six lines – ingredients and instructions together.



This is my first post!  Yey!  It’s a new blog and I promise to write lots and lots and lots and lots.