Author: Márta


Sourdough baking at the Sea Wolf bakery – Kovászos kenyérsütés a Sea Wolf pékségben

The signs were all there for some time: The article I read about them, their tasty baguette, which I bought in the Little Lago Grocer close to my school, and the crispy but not too buttery chocolate croissant – hiding bittersweet Valrhona chocolate – I ate from the selection of their morning pastries a friend of mine brought to a school meeting one day.


Walking in Prague – Prágai séta

There are many different ways to enjoy Prague, to be a tourist in the Golden City, the Czech capital.  The city is the place of my college years; I feel at home here.  Let me share with you some of my favorite walks on the cobblestone streets, seeing some of the famous sites.


Sweet potato and butternut squash soup – Édesburgonyás sütőtök-krémleves

Earlier on this blog, in the introduction of my cauliflower soup recipe, I mentioned that once I read advice about not cooking soup for a big crowd because it would generate too many (extra) dishes that would need to be cleaned.  A few weeks ago, I purposely went against this advice because I wanted a soup as the first course for the lunch that Steve and I were hosting for my lovely mother-in-law’s 88th birthday.