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Ngorongoro Crater – A Ngorongoro kráter

Written by my husband, Steve: Ever since I was a little boy, I have been entranced by the word “Ngorongoro.”  It represented the exotic, the romantic, and the exciting unknown.  I may have first encountered it in the old Time Life book series on countries or regions of the world.


The famous Serengeti – A híres Serengeti

“Will we witness the wildebeest migration here?” was our unspoken question.  We were more than ready for our adventure in Tanzania.  Located near the Kenyan border, the Serengeti – one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites – is one of Africa’s most popular parks.  Sharing the same ecosystem with Maasai Mara, it’s famous not only for the wildebeest migration, but also for the beauty of its endless plain and for the diversity of its flora and fauna.