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Roasted parsnips – Sült paszternák

One of the quite often neglected root vegetables are white parsnips.  A lot of people don’t know them or don’t use them in their cooking.  For me, they are as essential as carrots – they are closely related to carrots and parsley roots – especially for vegetable or meat soups.


Quick quinoa salad – Gyors quinoa saláta

Quinoa is one of those whole grains with high protein content that cooks very quickly.  It’s actually a seed and has a nutty taste; its origins are in South America.  To make a tasty quinoa salad is just a matter of 25-30 minutes.  There are endless variations to this salad depending on what you like or what is available in your refrigerator.


Walnut stars – Diós csillagok

These delicious little cookies are very easy to make, and they can be decorated for any occasion.  As Christmas cookies, a piece of walnut, a candy, or dried fruit could be pressed in the middle of them before baking.


Cheese and apple puffs – Sajtos almás párna

From the moment I discovered Nigel Slater’s cookbooks, his TV-show on BBC, and his recipes in The Guardian, I was hooked.  I like his writing a lot.  I like his style of talking about food, but most importantly, the simplicity of his recipes.  I started creating and re-creating what I read, and what I watched online.


Roasted spiced carrots – Sült fűszeres sárgarépa

My friend Tricia is a vegetarian.  I had the good fortune to nourish her at our dining table a few times throughout the years, which has inspired me to focus more on vegetables and incorporate them into our diet more frequently.  Now we live a few hundred miles away from each other.  I hope through some of my postings she might be able to get ideas for her own cooking.  I would like to dedicate all of these vegetarian recipes to her.


First of December – December elseje

Gray and rainy morning, gray the whole day.  Sipping my favorite Earl Gray, reading the Sunday paper and a book about books.  Planning the holiday schedule, deciding on projects to undertake.  And surprised by the still existing colors in the garden.


Yeast-raised waffles – Élesztős gofri

In the last two months at work, two of my colleagues surprised me with two different issues of this year’s SAVEUR magazine.  Kathy thought I would enjoy the article on Hungarian cooking in the October 2013 issue – yes, I did very much – and Peter, while giving me a bunch of architectural and gardening magazines, maybe threw into the mix the January/February issue just for variety.