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Hungarian cabbage pasta – Káposztás tészta

One of my favorite pastas is the traditional Hungarian cabbage pasta.  In my childhood, I always ate it with sugar, but in these days sometimes I prefer the peppered version. I serve it as a second course after a hearty soup.  It’s a perfect comfort food, especially on a rainy day.


IFBC 2017: Eat, blog, connect – Nemzetközi gasztroblogger konferencia

“Have fun!” said my husband, as I headed to the precheck security line at SeaTac airport on a Thursday evening.  I usually don’t fly alone, we like to have trips together, but this time I was going to have the weekend adventure on my own.  It started immediately: I was pulled aside for a random check of my carry-ons, mainly my electronics.  The tools of the trade.  Everything was all right.


Almond-pear crumble tart – Mandulás körtetorta

This is a tart which won’t disappoint you!  Every time I baked it – whether for ourselves or for our friends – it was received with great enthusiasm.  I adapted the recipe from Mai magyar konyha by Tamás Bereznay (the title translates into English, word-by-word, as Today’s Hungarian Cuisine).


Walking in Prague – Prágai séta

There are many different ways to enjoy Prague, to be a tourist in the Golden City, the Czech capital.  The city is the place of my college years; I feel at home here.  Let me share with you some of my favorite walks on the cobblestone streets, seeing some of the famous sites.