Eat, Read

Books, stories, and recipes – Könyvek, történetek és receptek

For me, reading is an essential and beloved activity.  It has always been and it always will be.  I used to read a lot as a kid, as a teenager often late into the night, as a college student on crowded streetcars and buses, juggling the book in one hand and holding on to the rail with the other.  I still do – all of the above.  My days don’t feel complete unless they are finished with reading.


Personal challenge – Személyes kihívás

Before I started my blog, like any good intellectual, I did in depth research.  I wanted to know everything about blogs.  I checked out many of them in different categories and my feelings were mixed.  Sometimes I thought I could also do it, at some other times I felt it wasn’t for me – blogging was the game of the younger generation.