Month: December 2014


The beauty of the number 18 in my life – A 18 szépsége az életemben

Some of us are fascinated with numbers and we see beauty in them, but maybe don’t know to explain easily why, or what numbers actually are.  We might say quickly 1, 2, 3, … , when asked about them, but we might need to think a little bit longer to say that numbers are abstractions, and they have nothing to do with the characteristics of the things we are counting.


Orange linzer cookies filled with jam – Narancsos töltött linzer keksz

One of the most versatile pastries, that always gives you good results, is the famous linzer.  You make the dough, you cut out different shapes from it, and then decorate them reflecting the occasion.  It can be a circle, a square with flouted edges, a heart, a star, a tree, or your favorite animal if you happen to have a cutter in its shape – anything you like, really.


How to organize recipes – Hogyan rendszerezhetők receptjeink

Many of us have numerous recipes hand-written in notebooks or on recipe cards, clippings from newspapers and magazines in a folder or drawer waiting be tried, recipes saved on our computer or bookmarked online.  Some of us take pride in organizing them better than others, and some of us don’t care too much about this because if a recipe is needed, we can simply search the web.