Month: March 2014


Pozsony crescent – Pozsonyi kifli

No doubt about it – this is my signature pastry.  I baked it sooooo… many times both for festive and everyday occasions, so by now I am quite fast when forming the little crescents.  It is a traditional sweet pastry in many European nations made with a light yeasted dough and ground walnuts or ground poppy seeds as rich filling.  I like how they are not uniform in size – at least not in the way how I make them – and also how some might have a little bit more filling than the others.  It is a little bit […]


55 things you can do for yourself – 55 jó tanács

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about how to make the most out of my days.  Realizing that everything we go through in our lives lead us to the priceless moments of living, we should  focus on not missing them.  And we shouldn’t make our lives complicated.  If we feel like things don’t come together for us immediately, they eventually will.  If we struggle, it takes us forward.  There is always something for which we can be thankful.  When the world takes away something from us, what counts is, what we do with what’s left.  Trust your intuition and take chances.  […]