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Cherry poppy seed waffles – Cseresznyés-mákos gofri

These waffles are a variation on the popular American breakfast food.  The recipe comes from the cookbook A modern way to eat by Anna Jones.  I got very excited about this recipe because instead of the usual all-purpose flour the main ingredient here is ground oats; I rushed to try it.


May beauties – Májusi szépségek

There are so many pretty flowers in May in Seattle!  It makes May one of the most beautiful months of the year here, especially this year, when the temperatures are high on many days, and it feels more like Summer than Spring.


I miss you all already! – Már hiányoztok!

You all graduated from high school this Friday, only two days ago!  I miss you already!  Seventy of you – all seniors – whom I taught this school year in my two AP Calculus AB and two Calculus classes.  (In addition, those of you who were also in my AP Calculus and Precalculus classes as juniors last year.)