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Kohlrabi leek soup – Pórés karalábéleves

I love a good soup.  This is one of my favorites; it uses kohlrabi – a quite underrated and, in the US, a not very well-known vegetable. Kohlrabi is fantastic in vegetable soup, but it really shines on its own (with the help of some potatoes) in this soup.


Tomato soup – Paradicsomleves

Simple, quick, easy, colorful, healthy, delicious, comforting.  Equally great from fresh or canned tomatoes.  This time, I cooked it using freshly picked tomatoes from our garden.


Greek salad – Görög saláta

The traditional Greek salad is probably one of the most popular salads.  I sometimes make it with a little twist by adding cooked chickpeas and leaving out the olives (because my husband doesn’t like olives but loves chickpeas).